Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tim Cook Visits Foxconn Zhengzhou Plant and China Telecom Headquarter

Tim Cook visited Foxconn's Zhengzhou Plant

On March 26, MicGadget claimed that they spotted Tim Cook at Apple Store in Beijing and met Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang. Today, they have confirmed the latest news that Tim Cook has visited Foxconn Zhengzhou plant.
The latest news that we heard is Tim Cook visited Foxconn Zhengzhou plant! This plant an iPhone production line, which has employed 120,000 people at the factory. We’re not sure whether that’s one of the plant that going to produce the new iPhone. 

They also claimed that Tim Cook has visited the headquarter of China Telecom to talk with Xiaochu, the head of China Telecom.
Furthermore, we also heard Tim Cook made a visit to the headquarter of China Telecom. The source said Cook has a 30 minutes talk with Wang Xiaochu (the head of China Telecom), they talked about their next plans for the next iPhone. Reportedly, Cook has already made a visit to meet China Unicom on the day when he appeared at the Apple store in Beijing. However, the source didn’t mention Cook is planning to visit China Mobile though.
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(via Micgadget)

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