Wednesday, October 19, 2011

iPhone 5 Concept Shows Off A Larger 4.3-inch Screen

We are just two weeks after the announcement of iPhone 4S, but the iPhone 5's rumors come along already

While we expect to begin seeing iPad 3 rumors begin to filter through - it is six months before we expect to see one!

In case the title of tho post didn't give the game away, it turns out we were wrong, and the iPhone 5 concept pictures have already start to roll in.

ADR Studio have even gone so far as to put together a wish-list of the hardware they want inside the iPhone 5.

An evolution rather than revolution, built according to what we hear on theInternet.
- Body aluminum / liquid-metal unibody type;
- Capacitive Home Button;
- 4.3″ screen size;
- A6 dual-core chip;
- Improved versions of IOS 5 and iCloud

iPhone 5 Concept

iPhone 5 Concept 2

iPhone 5 Concept 3

iPhone 5 Concept 4

We have to wait around 12 months to see if this rumor is gonna turn out to be real, we are guessing more than usual anyway.

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