Sunday, February 12, 2012

Apple's 2012 Product Lineup [Concept Video]

Today I cam across a video from YouTube of a Apple's 2012 products lineup. There are mainly 4 products; iBox, iCam, iWatch, and iPhone SJ. These product concepts are really stunning. Here are come pictures

This is from
Obviously the gadgets shown in the video below are purely fictional and in no way represent any real life products, either existing or in the pipeline but they do show off the designer’s wonderful imagination and design abilities. The first gadget to be showcased is the beautiful and sleek iBox which functions as a set top box with a touch screen interface. The iBox has a capacitive, seven inch touch screen and is designed to work as your own personal high definition television. Connecting the iBox to your existing TV would allow users to take control using touch gestures and Siri voice commands.

As I am also a photographer, this product is really amazing to me. The iCam functions as a DSLR 4/3 camera with a beautiful aluminum body and also a touch screen.                                    


Next one is the iWatch. These are some amazing features of this concept product:

- Wifi and Bluetooth
- Weather forecast system.
- Connection to iPhone/iPad via Bluetooth or Wifi.
- Frontal Face Camera.
- 32GB of storage.


The last one is the iPhone SJ, which stands for iPhone Steve Jobs. The new iPhone would benefit from a thinner from a factor with reduced weight, made from polycarbonate, aluminum and PK2 Kevlar which house a fully capacitive glass touch display.

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