Monday, February 13, 2012

Leaked iPad 3 Parts: Rear Shell Suggests Slightly Thicker Profile, Retina Display and High-Resolution Cameras

It has been rumored for a while that the next-generation iPad or an iPad 3 will be announced in the first week of March. I got this news over at 9to5mac. The leaks part include Dock connectors, LCD Panel and Rear Shell.


The back panel hints at a slightly thicker iPad gaining about 1mm that is likely to house new components and a bigger battery.

                                                             iPad 2 vs iPad 3: Back camera hole.

This all hints at an upgraded camera lens and sensor on iPad 3 that is hardly a surprise knowing the iPad 2′s iPod touch-grade camera is on the low-end. With iPad 3′s Retina Display being 3-megapixels, upgrading both cameras is a prudent move. Look for 1080p video recording like the iPhone 4S augmented with about 5-megapixel still image resolution. Of course, it is wise not to read too much into the leaks as these parts could easily belong to early prototypes.

                                             iPad 2 vs iPad 3: Purported back camera parts

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