Thursday, February 16, 2012

OS X Applications That Mountain Lion Killed Today

Apple's merging of iOS with OS X continues today with the sneak peak at 10.8 Mountain Lion. Several apps and features have been replaced with iOS counterparts. Here is everything from past OS X releases that died today at the hand of Apple's iOS-ifying of Mountain Lion.

iChat: Mountain Lion introduces "Message" app, which when installed also replaces iChat and integrates your AIM, Yahoo!, Google Talk and Jabber accounts. With this you can send unlimited text messages to and from Macs and iOS devices. The new Message app also integrates FaceTime video chats.

iCal & Address Book: In Mountain Lion, Address Book and iCal have both been replaced with names of their iOS apps, "Contacts" and "Calendar". It also improves iCloud integration.

Growl: Apple's integration of a Notifications Center that is almost identical to iOS 5 doesn't completely replace the need of Growl. Apple's is letting developers integrate notifications into their app and we'll likely see further integration between Notification Center on iOS and OS X in future updates.

"Mac": Apple officially dropped the "Mac" from "Mac OS X". Mac has been part of the OS name for more than 10 years, and dropping the "Mac" will surely make things easier when the inevitable unification of iOS X is complete.

HDMI out: With AirPlay mirroring support in Mountain Lion, HDMI out is on the way out. It might not be the reason to throw to your HDMI cables right away, but the prospect of wirelessly beaming your Mac's screen to the upcoming Apple HDTV means Apple is likely to keep improving it.

Source: 9to5mac

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